Dans l’œil du cyclone

Visceral piece for 5 performers

- A moment of anticipation Post Disaster..., a moment of theatre?

Enter a metamorphosis space where the social organization related to space can be related to Beckett's "The depopulator" room. A labyrinth, where the interpretations never appear to be the same, always in the process of a new recontextualized reading.

You have come to see, to observe... in fact, you will be confronted with their reality, their uncertainties, their fears, their hopes.

Everything seems to indicate that "In the Eye of the Hurricane" is taking place after... in a post-industrial era behind closed doors...

Silhouettes seek a place, both spatially and hierarchically, or socially. Logic holds rules of probability endured close to the absurd. They are right there, and if there is enough comprehensibility for a question to still arise, the central question will be well linked to a huge recent "relaxation" of their society. Everything revolves around the need to rebuild a space of communication, of life outside what is happening outside. Will the word have its place? Or is it rather a purely sign language that will have to be reinvented?

A tragedy of our century, a contemporary myth, a disenchanted or disillusioned tale?

A generational work inspired by what has marked our generation, sharing with the public the need to identify, to believe, what marginalized minorities have utopianly carried, values (resistance, against culture) that are or question or become ours.

Than to believe in the intensity, the jouissance, the ardour....  It is when you have nothing left that the fragility of life appears in bloom. We feel at that moment that we belong to it, more than it belongs to us.

Why wait until the flower crown is ready to wither, to fight for it?

Because it puts into perspective the fact that everything else is secondary?

The wish of the Company and Boris Gibé is to deepen a guiding principle in the arts of body and thought and this process of affirming a theatre of sensations, perceptive and immersive. A loss of reference point that allows us to glimpse the afterlife; to refocus on an understanding that dialogues with the soul and the unconscious above the intellect. To go a little further towards the things of nothing, those that still surround us but that we only very rarely see, our sensations, our intuitions, our apprehension...

Ahead of the creation of L'absolu, and always postponed until later, this creation under the first name of Frictions will perhaps see the light of day when the tour l'absolu under the Silo will settle down to give it a place, but the latter not being ready to stop touring, we will have to be patient.

This creation will also be based on the circular scenography of the Le Silo tent, transformed for the occasion into an unfinished tower in the open air, with infinite stairs.

Acrobatic dance, aerial circus, physical theatre, will mingle to approach a new form of poetry in its raw state.