The main crew members :

Artistic director:
Boris GIBE

Artistic collaboration:
Florencia DEMESTRI, Florent HAMON, Elsa DOURDET, Samuel LEFEUVRE, Piergiogrio MILANO, Nicolas DARROT

Nicolas BRIDIER, Boris GIBE, Emmanuel CHIFOLLEAU, Tiziano LAVORATORNOVI, Aimé RAUSIER, PierGiorgio Milano

Technical director:
Quentin ALART, Armand BARBET, Clément DELAGE, Bertrand DUVAL, Jörn ROESING, Florian WENGER

Sound & Light Director:
Andrea BOZZA, Romain DE LAGARDE, Nicolas GASTARD, Olivier PFEIFFER,

Architecture and scenography:

Sandrine ROZIER

Jérôme VILA


Production and Broadcasting:
Julien COUZY - Si Par Random

They came through here, we'll find them there

In addition to 15 years of adventures
more than 100 intermittents of the show employed by the company have worked on the creation:

Quentin ALART Structural Engineer, Technical Manager
Armand BARBET Technical Manager
Charles BEDIN Scenographer
Julie BERES Playwright
Florent BERGAL External view
Anne Lise BINARD Musician
Florent BLONDEAU Circus artist
Camille BOITEL Director
Loic BOUE Stage Manager
Andrea BOZZZA Sound and Light Director
Nicolas BRIDIER Musician
John CARROLLL Lighting manager
Anna Calsina Choreographic Artist
Jean CAMILLERI Technical Manager
Magali CASTELLAN Costume designer
Michel CERDA External view
Emmanuel CHIFOLLEAU Musician - Actor
Jean Philippe COSTES MUSCAT External view
Thomas COTTEREAU Interactivity Manager
Benjamin COULON Video editor
Julien COUZY Production and distribution manager
Pat CUVELIER External view
Hervé DAVILLERS Lighting manager
MirtYlle DEBIEVRE Technical Stage Manager
Florencia DEMESTRI Choreographic view
Marie Claire DE LAVENERE Broadcasting Officer
Olivier DEBELHOIR Circus artist
DELAGE element Plate manager
Mathieu DELANGLE Manufacturer manager
Flaure DIALLO Costume
Florinda DONGA Costume
Elsa DOURDET Playwright
Fabrice DUHAMEL General Manager
Séverine DUROUX Production Administrator
Bertrand DUVAL Circus Artist - Stage Manager
Ben Fury Choreographic Artist
Amélie WINNER Costumier
Frédéric GASTARD Musician
Nicolas GASTARD Sound & Light Manager
Alexis GAUYAT Choreographic artist
Clara GAY-BELLILE Scenographer
Boris GIBE Circus artist
Pierre GLOTTIN Circus artist
Gaspard GUILBERT Sound manager
Florent HAMON Choreographic artist
Jacob HAUSER Cook
Elisabeth JACQUES Costumière
Marie JULLIEN Stage Manager
Xavier KIM Circus artist
Pauline KOCHER Costume designer
Pierre Olivier KREPPER External view
Peter LAMB Builder
Daniela LANZUISI Camera Operator - Video Editor
Pierre Emmanuel LE GOFF Stage Manager
Eric LECOMTE Circus artist
Samuel Lefeuvre Regard Chorégraphique
Annie LEURIDAN Lighting designer
Christophe LONGIN General Manager
Anaïs MALARET Costume
Marie Claire MARTIN Dissemination Officer
Piergiorgio Milano Choreographic view
Daniel PABOEUF Musician
Charlotte PAREJA Costume designer
Antoine PETITRENAUD Set designer
Charles PICARD Truck driver
Jean-François PYKA Dissemination Officer
Richard REWERS Builder
Gael RICHARD Builder
Cloé ROBINEAU Technical Stage Manager
Jörn ROESING Manager - Manufacturer
Morgan ROMAGNY Sound & Light Manager
Marlène ROSTAING Choreographic artist
JULIEN ROURE General Manager
Olivier ROUSTAN Dramatic artist
Sandrine ROZIER Costume designer
Eric SABRE Builder
Bernard SADERNE Production Administrator
Violeta TODO GONZALES Choreographic artist
Aurélie TONIN Broadcast Manager
Hervé VALLEE Tray manager
Sylvain VASSAS-CHEREL Technical Manager
Alyson VERIN Technical Stage Manager
Emmanuelle VIE LE SAGE Lighting & video director
Jerôme VILA Photographer
Antoine VILLERET Sound director
Florian WENGER Technical Manager