The Lighthouse

(le Phare)

Creation 2006

Boris Gibé's first show, Le Phare, was created in June 2006. Music, body theatre, acrobatic dance and circus mingle to approach a new form of poetry in its raw state. Boris Gibé and Chifo plunge us into the heart of a lighthouse in perdition, in an atmosphere of promiscuity. The lighthouse is a real closed eight in turbid waters, a head-to-head at the surface of the skin bathed in extreme emotions. In this setting where the waves are unleashed, poetry is sometimes carried by saline scents...

This first part of the show sets the scene, with a very concrete theatrical approach, but this duet of clowns, sometimes touching and sometimes creaking, will quickly turn out to be a false reading trail. This crime of passion is only an initiatory crime. Everything changes, the loops repeat themselves, the identities mix, the story is deconstructed, and the narrative sequence that has just been given to us is played out.

The dramaturgy then frees itself from the narrative sense to better touch the most direct. Aerial appearances followed one another.

Are these guardians really two, or is it just one person finally finding the being he never really managed to reach? The two men dance to a free jazz tune. The guardian still has his saxophone that tears at night, a frail horn of fog in this sea that screams too loudly, a sketch of a guide for the lost sailors. The heavy and humid atmosphere does not let go, the emotion touches with full force and leaves from this abandoned tower a glimmer of hope, in the guise of a double in the eyes of a child, a fragile abstraction of a guard who has become a useless vestal. From his dances, transfiguring poetry was born, transforming buckets, fishing nets, pulleys, ropes,... into accessories for aerial ballets and ephemeral juggling. A metaphor of madness swaying to the rhythm of the plucked strings of a gutted piano from which the precarious light that will flicker until dawn will emerge.

The model of this creation was awarded a prize at the 2004 Jeunes Talents Cirque and received writing assistance from the Beaumarchais - SACD association Auteurs de Cirque.

"Boris Gibé built his creation like a comic strip, but the cutting of the scenes and the composition of the images seem to be borrowed from the cinema.” 
B.Masi – Libération

carnet de création

Teaser - 2006

Carnet de création - 2005

Team :

In the lighthouse:
Chifo & Bertrand Duval in the role of René
Boris Gibé in the role of Ferdiand

Cast :
Artistic direction, conception & scenography - Boris Gibé
Musique - Chifo
Machinerie aérienne - Bertrand Duval
Lumière - Julien Roure
Régie Plateau - Hervé Vallé
Production administration - Bernard Saderne
Diffusion - Marie Claire Martin de Lavenère
External view Pierre Krepper & Michel Cerda
Dramaturgie - Julie Berès
Choreography - Sam Lefeuvre
Costumes - Charlotte Pareja & Florinda Donga
Construction - Nil Admirari & Les Choses de Rien

productions | co-productions | supports

Production : Les Choses de Rien

Coproductions : La Batoude – Beauvais, Circuits – Pôle cirque d’Auch, Cirque Jules Verne – Pôle cirque d’Amiens, Nil Obstrat – St Ouen l’Aumône, le Théâtre Firmin Gémier – Scène Conventionnée d’Antony

Avec l’aide de : ADAMI, Conseil Régional d’Ile de France, Jeunes Talents Cirque, Fondation Beaumarchais – SACD, Ministère de la culture – DMDTS, SPEDIDAM

Soutiens : Académie Fratellini, Espace Périphérique (Ville de Paris – Parc de la Villette), Jonglissimo – Reims, Les Noctambules, PLUC, Théâtre du Ranelagh


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