Le Chapiteau-Phare

The scenography of this tent, transformed into a travelling watch for the creation of the show Le Phare, marked the surrounding area with the trace of its rotating light beam.

Today the capital - lighthouse is located in fixed 6 months of the year on sunny days, on the site of the Fabrique des Possibles. In creative residencies on his track, he welcomes artists to experiment with 360° set writing and to explore its volume.

If the circle imposes volume, it invites the actor to live fully without having to hide his back. The artist on the circular track does not return the same representation to its entire periphery. The multiple image thus produced is as many different readings as peripheral points of view.

The company's projects are developed around roaming, which favours an alternative distribution of its creations through a tool, the tent. This original representation structure allows us to deepen our artistic, human or political commitments in an approach to the public that encourages them to meet and share. A choice of ideological and militant values, a choice of life not marginalized but on the contrary led in the reality of evolution of a society that wants to be more and more moving.

le silo