The absolute

The absolute is a poetic investigation at the heart of the psyche of beings, which places desire at the centre of our lives. Absolute because it is elusive to anyone who wants to control it. A vertiginous spectacle that questions precisely the nothing, the void, the infinite... An allegory of the act of creation. This quest leads to a trial, a reinvented myth where man finds himself in conflict with himself, his gods and demons, his dark zone and his flamboyant part.


The absolute goes through the many attempts to liberate the individual caught up in the morality that restrains the body and hinders desire. Absolute because it is elusive to anyone who wants to control it. But if this desire is not identified, transcended, it creates symptoms, it sometimes collectively "hysterizes"... As man maintains and needs tragedy in our contemporary societies, to support his relationship to death and by making it meaningful.
Since 2008, this project has been part of the reflection on the recontextualization of the viewer's perception. Boris Gibé wanted to work on a vertiginous structure, offering a physical experience to the spectators. "As in an anatomical theatre, I wanted this show to be seen from above, in circulars, so that the audience would find itself in a reality superior to the fate of the man being staged. For this purpose, he built a strange 4-storey silo-shaped structure with a team of architects and builders.

In this well of images that questions the void, the void, the infinite, the research tracks dig a furrow in a relationship between the body and the elements, where particles, water, fire, air and materials become real partners in play, passers, a kind of interface between space and the heart-viewer. Floor mirrors and optical illusions become partners in the creation of light to better play on our perceptions. A flying crow in this court interpreted the figure of the double, the judge, the executioner. The aerial acrobatics on reinvented circus apparatus, and contortion are crossed in a choreographic approach of the behavioural gesture pushing physicality to the extreme.

"The man at the beginning is nothing, his existence is "absurd", meaningless. It is his choices that make him "be", that make him become a reasonable being, that give his life a meaning: hence the necessary and free commitment to which he is condemned. As a result, man is divided between the anguish of his original nothingness and the uncertainty of his life choices. (...) Art embodies man's aspiration to reach infinity, to approach truth, to fix it, despite his morality, despite the fact that man in his lifetime fails to reach the absolute.”   Andrei Tarkovski

Team :

Design & interpretation - Boris Gibé / technical direction - Quentin Alart, Florian Wenger / scenography - Clara Gay-Bellile & Charles Bédin / lighting design & direction - Romain de Lagarde / sound design & direction - Olivier Pfeiffer / textile design & costumes Sandrine Rozier / dramaturgical perspective - Elsa Dourdet / choreographic perspective - Samuel Lefeuvre & Florencia Demestri.

Le Silo :

an adventure built in collaboration with : Clara Gay-Bellile & Charles Bédin - associate architects, Quentin Alart - structural engineer, Clément Delage, Florian Wenger, Jörn Roesing - builders.

• With the precious help of : Alain Frérot, Andréa Bozza, Alexis Auffray, Andrea Bozza, Armande Jammes, Bertrand Duval, Clara Charlie, Cécilia Delestre, Cille Lanssade, Gaël Richard, Gérard Naque, Ikram, Jean Camilleri, John Carroll, Kheira Terbah, Marinette Julien, Molly Gruey, Pénélope Demma, Ranka Piffou, Richard Rivers, Sarah Pécout, Suzanne Péchenart, Samuel Bodin, Tiziano Lavoratornovi, Tristan Cola, Ueli Hirzel, Ulysse Lacoste.

Production | Coproductions | soutiens

• Production: Les Choses de Rien with the help of Si par Hasard 
• Coproductions: Boris Gibé is an artist associated with the 2 stages - Besançon national stage; Coopérative De Rue et De Cirque - 2r2c - Paris; Théâtre Firmin Gémier - La Piscine - Pôle National des Arts du Cirque d'Antony et de Chatenay-Malabry ;  Cirque Jules Verne - Pole National Cirque et Arts de la Rue - Amiens ; Châteauvallon - scène nationale - Ollioules ; Espace Jean Legendre - Scène nationale de l'Oise - Compiègne • With the support of : Ministry of Culture - DRAC Ile de France ; Conseil Régional Ile de France ; Fondation of vagabond tower ; Lycée Eugène Guillaume de Montbard ; SACD - Processus Cirque ; L'atelier Arts-Sciences, partnership between L'Hexagone scène nationale de Meylan & le CEA de Grenoble ; Ass. Beaumarchais - Bourse Auteur de Cirque 
•  Reception in residences : La Gare - Marigny - le - Cahouet, CEA - Grenoble, 2r2c - Paris, Le Château de Monthelon, Les 2 scènes - Besançon.

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