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Il Kiosko

Travelling cultural architecture

Unfinished Manifesto

An uprooted identity: He Kiosko does not stay in place: his soul is wandering and he only puts on his slippers on rare occasions. Adventurer and willing to take risks, let's just say he's crashing

willingly in radically different spaces, while remaining attentive to the context in which it is set up.

A dirty character with a big heart: At first glance, Il Kiosko may seem difficult to grasp. Sensitive and supportive, he is open to anyone who will listen to him. Its lightweight construction makes it spontaneous, accessible, stealthy and modular. Versatile, it does not, however, try to please everyone. He Kiosko is a dirty kid with a head

hard; he is nobody's flag bearer and keeps the right to be

sometimes uncompromising.

To what does it react? To what need? He Kiosko reacts to our neglect, to a certain gloom, to the resignation and to the prevailing pattern. It seeks to decompartmentalize the imaginary and offer the unexpected in an overly regulated daily life.

The contexts in which it operates: It Kiosko spreads everywhere: in the middle of urban chaos but also, why not, on a mountain pass or on a seismic fault. Its size allows it to slip through almost anywhere and make its ephemeral nest an improbable meeting place.

A pretext to take the road and go up the current.

It Kiosko presents itself as a facility for artistic and cultural experimentation.

It aims to provoke meetings and change practices in order to better share them.

Downstairs, a kitchen. The rallying point, where everything is organized.

At the top, a modular space, to be continually reinvented.

A polymorphic place that allows a singular activity with each new implantation:
ephemeral stage, popular canteen, exhibitions, readings, debates, cultural action workshops, observatory, construction site hut...



Octagonal in shape, Il Kiosko is a self-supporting dismountable structure. It is made of a metal supporting structure, which contrasts with the wood of the floors and walls.

On the ground floor, a 4-metre diameter (11 m.) kitchen can restore several dozen people and occupy the surrounding area.

Connected by an external staircase, the first floor overlooks a cantilevered ceiling and houses the counters that surround the kitchen. Free of central posts, it offers a modular space of 6 metres in diameter (26 m.) open on all sides.

It Kiosko can be assembled in a day or two to four people and it is not yet clear how it moves but probably in a small heavy weight.

After having built the 4-storey sheet metal tent Le Silo for our last show, the Absolute, this strange object was born from the collaboration of a team of architects, engineers and builders whose desire was to get involved in projects with as central concerns the exchange and learning. After this achievement, the team felt the desire to gather around this new collective and gustatory architectural boat by inviting the Fribourg-based collective Clef de 24 to join them.


Conception : Quentin Alart Charles Bédin, Boris Gibé & Clara Gay-Bellile

Charles Bédin & Clara Gay-Bellile – Architecture et scénographie

Quentin Alart – ingénierie structurelle

Il Kiosko est une aventure collective où se sont associés pour la fabrication et la gestion du lieux : Arunà Canevascini, Blaise Coursin, Boris Gibé, Charles Bédin, Clara Gay-Bellile, Dilan Kiliç, Lea Broggini, Lucien Mozer, Raphaël Achermann et Quentin Alart, épaulés par de nombreux amis.

Production | Supports

Production :
Les Choses de Rien / l’association Il Kiosko (Suisse)

Avec le soutien de :
La Gare – Marigny-le-Cahouet (21), Le collectif Cléfs de 24 – Fribourg (Suisse), La Tour Vagabonde – Fribourg (Suisse), Le Château de Monthelon – Montréal (89), L’Atelier du Théâtre de la Scène nationale de Besançon (25), Le Lycée professionnel de Montbard (21), La Menuiserie Squarciafico et Fils à Marigny-le-Cahouet (21), L’équipe du Centre d’accueil de demandeurs d’asile de Rouvray (21).

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