Road book

"Play along. Threatens the work even more. Don't be the main character. Seek confrontation. But don't intend to. Avoid ulterior motives. Don't keep quiet. Be gentle and strong. Be smart, intervene and despise victory. Does not observe, does not examine, but remains ready for signs, vigilant. Be shaky. Show your eyes, lead others into what is deep, take care of the space and consider everyone in their image. Decides only with enthusiasm. Fail with peace and quiet. Especially have time and make detours. Let yourself be distracted. Put yourself on a leave of absence, so to speak. Do not neglect the voice of any tree, any water. Come in where you want and let the sun shine on you. Forget your family, give strength to strangers, lean over the details, leave where there is no one, laugh at the drama of fate, despise misfortune, calm the conflict of your laughter. Get into your colors, be in your right, and let the sound of the leaves become soft. Go through the villages, I follow you.”

By the villages – Peter Handke