Anatomie du désir

A phenomenological dinner show

Created 2022

Show designed to be played in Il KioskO's travelling architecture

Design Boris Gibé

Distribution in progress

note d’intention

What drives human culture and its desire to know?

How can we learn to be part of the unknown within us?

A blind dinner that becomes an obscure spectacle about the fascination of desire. Fascination of a mystery that contains us or is contained in our plate... A unique experience that forces us to completely reassess our perception of taste.

First, the spectators are invited to plunge into the darkness for a feast. The starters and main courses are tasted there. In the centre of the piece appears a naked wax body, elongated, whitish, disembodied: Venus, goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Fatal prey, desired flesh, immaculate, magnified, chiseled. A strange object of desire that transgresses the flavours of taste, when this total experience of the senses makes us revisit the anatomical body as an imaginary space to re-invest in each of us.

"This is my body delivered for you... This is the cut of my blood... Whoever eats my Flesh and drinks my Blood to eternal life... he dwells in me and I in him"... It is well to remind us of this gift of self to humanity that at each Eucharist we reactivate the memory of the last meal. If Christian rituals invite us to eat the body and drink the blood of Christ, or even to taste a part of ourselves blindly out of empathy, here this transgression to the limits of the acceptable displaces the lines, questions both a part of our educated thoughts and the unconscious of our viscera, to deliver our cultural references and our conceptions of reason, to the imagination of our buried desires.

From the appetizing to the carnal and from the carnal to the strange, the registers slide from the celestial body, to the anatomical body, from the erotic body, to the appetizing body. We no longer know whether we are witnessing the recollection of a myth, a fateful vigil, a religious ritual, a dissection session, a freak show of prostheses or a cannibal feast. Waitresses move from Mexican mourning suits to surgical accessories, in a confusion of the kind. The sitting audience becomes a surrealist anatomical theatre where the organs do their stripping manipulated by rods from the floor below. A culinary phantasmagoria that devours the myth of Venus to the point of being amazed by it.